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Tips for International Moving

It can be tough to move to another country. Not only will you leave behind friends and family, but also an entire country in exchange for a new one. But this is an exciting time for you as you will soon be exploring new lands where new friends and adventure await you. Before you go off to dream world and start imagining your new life, you’ll first have to get there; and this requires moving. Planning an international move will take a lot of time and patients, as this can be a long and stressful process. Not to worry. This article will provide you with tips for international moving so you can have a successful move.

Clear the Clutter

If you are relocating to another country, you should really consider clearing the clutter and getting rid of stuff. I’m sure there are plenty of unused or unwanted goods that you have buried deep inside closets and drawers. These are the type of items that you should think about cutting loose.

Go through your house and start collecting items that you no longer want or need. If you don’t know how to figure out what stuff to toss just think of it this way; if you haven’t used it in over a year you probably will never use it again, so get rid of it.
Try to clear out as much as possible. Since you are moving out of the country you may want to pack light. Importing items will cost you in taxes and duties on top of payments to the moving company and on your new house. So to save money you should really consider getting rid of a good portion of your household goods.
Figure out if your furniture and belongings are even worth shipping. If the cost to ship is greater than the cost of the item, give it away and repurchase when you have arrived to your new home. This is a much more cost effective method of shipping rather than importing every belonging you have ever owned.
As for getting rid of these unwanted items, you can donate, sell, or give them away. Please don’t throw them in the trash; this won’t help you or the environment. Try to only ship your valuables and items you absolutely need; this will make for a much less stressful move.

Pack for Customs

When moving to another country, your belongings must first clear a customs check in order to be allowed entry. Depending on what country you are going to will determine the specific customs rules and regulations you need to follow. You should find out what these restrictions are before shipping your household goods. This will save you from having a stressful entry.
As you will soon find out, there are many items that are restricted, prohibited and banned from entering countries. You must follow these rules if you want your items to clear customs. Otherwise, if you pack something that is prohibited, banned or restricted you may face fines, penalties or both. And I highly doubt you want that to happen; not to mention your shipment will be delayed entry. So please, pack your international shipment according to customs rules and regulations for an easy customs check.

Documents & Paperwork

In order to be allowed entry you will also need to complete certain paperwork and provide the appropriate documents. This will vary from country to country. You can either find this information on the government website, at the local consulate, or you can ask your moving company to point you in the right direction.
It is also very important that you complete and file all paperwork in a timely manner. Make sure everything is sent off before your shipment arrives or upon arrival, depending on the requirements. Without the proper documents and paperwork you may not be allowed entry and or your shipment delayed. Start this process early to give yourself enough time to complete paperwork and to find the required documents.
There you have it; some helpful tips for international moving. Use them to your advantage and make sure you are well prepared for the big move.