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Moving to Israel

Israel culture and people

Israel culture is a combined religious heritage and secular life that exists before the founding of the State of Israelin in 1948. Cultural diversity within the nation mostly comes from the group of the Jews that comprise a large part of its population and the other migrants. To understand more of the Israelites culture, it is best to read about the Zionist movement and the Jewish history. Zionism evolves from 1200 BC and during the Second Temple that connects the Jewish to the Land of Israel. Zionism is one of the popular religious traditions in Israel. Moving company in Israel may be able to provide a little background history of the Israel culture if you ask them. Moving companies knows more of the people because they deal with the locals directly.

Employment and job opportunities in Israel

Israel showed a strong economy and competitive job opportunity but naturally low skilled types of jobs for the migrants or foreign nationals. Although employment opportunities are good, employers tend to look for candidates with strong language skills, related work experience, and impressive academic background because almost 20% of the population completed university degrees making competition quite stiff for newcomers. This situation makes foreign nationals to secure graduate level employment offers. One may look for offers and other employment related matters in the website of Israel Ministry of Trade and Labor.

Workweek usually ends on a Friday because Saturday is a holy Shabbat day. The workweek starts on a Sunday. All public holidays closely follow the calendar of the Hebrews but Jewish holidays normally take an early afternoon off a day before the holiday. Total number of hours work per week is normally 43 hours, maximum of 47 hours. The usual practice of Israeli’s workers is to exceed the maximum work hours.

The economy of Israel is export driven considering its natural resources that is quite limited. Export products include technological innovations, aviation-related products, computers, fine chemicals, and medical electronics. US, China, and the European Union are Israel’s main partners for the export trade. Israel has one of the world’s state-of-the-art Research and Development (R & D) for technology. It is easier to ship personal items and other household goods in a container to Israel using a moving company you can trust because shipping is easy to process.

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