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Moving to Germany

Shipping to Germany

International shipping is a complex process. An international shipper needs to be able to operate with the same level of ease and effectiveness both in the pick up country and the destination country. Guardian Moving is just such a mover!
If you are looking for a mover that can offer you affordable and fair rates, while keeping the highest standards of service, Guardian Moving is the perfect choice for your relocation to Germany.

Specializing in moving to Germany, Guardian moving provides both its international relocation consultants and its movers specific training regarding international relocation to Germany.

This training process allows Guardian Moving employees to become experts in all aspects of international shipping in general and shipping to Germany in particular.
No matter where in Germany you are moving to and what size of shipment you have, no matter if you are shipping door to port or door to door, Guardian Moving will be able to offer you the shipping solutions that you need at an affordable price.

Those of you who care, not only about affordable prices, but also about high levels of service both in the US and in Germany, will find Guardian Moving to be the perfect choice for their international relocation.

Guardian international moving specializes in moving people to Germany.

  • Dedicated Full Service Shipping
  • No Hidden Costs
  • THC
  • Custom Clearance Services Included
  • Free Basic Insurance Coverage.
  • Door to Door or Port to Port Service.
  • Partial Loads and Full Container Loads

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Germany culture and people

Germany is the land of poets and thinkers whose culture Europe’s religious as well as secular intellectual and popular groups shape. The culture developed even before Germany became a nation and spread throughout the German-speaking people who are interested to adopt the culture. This results to a mix traditional German culture and European culture influence, which is the reason that popular figures in history as such as Paul Celan, Franz Kafka, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart also belongs to the German culture framework whose cultural context is necessary to understanding their life works and social situation. Moving companies can perfectly help you understand the culture of the German people if you ask for information and brochure.

Employment and job opportunities in Germany

Germany has the biggest economy in the European continent reviewed as the world’s fourth largest nominal GDP being top exporter in 2006. The world’s biggest conferences and trade shows usually hold in Hanover, Berlin, and Frankfurt. Germany has good technology and is a leader in the production of solar power and wind turbines. The most known products relate to technology, engineering, metals, automobiles, machinery, and chemicals. In 2008, Germany ranked as fifth in the world being a driver and an innovator of a globalized economy. The country’s export business lies in their friendly international policies and regulations, shipping to Germany would not be much of a concern a moving company cannot take care of.

Ownership of assets in Germany

Practices and language are critical when one moves to Germany. For example, the use and understanding of the right terminology would allow you to send the correct message to the German recipient like looking for a two bedroom apartment that includes both living and dining room, one would practically say view Zimmer type of home, which means four-room house. In Germany, Germans do not include the bathroom, kitchen, and halls in the counting for the number of rooms in the house. The furnished apartments are not common and are very expensive than renting an unfurnished apartment. Unfurnished apartment literally means nothing at all. This would mean buying almost everything you need to live a comfortable life like built in cabinets, stove, tables, refrigerators, beds, chairs, kitchen sink, lighting fixtures, and curtains. You can request moving companies in Germany to help transfer your personal goods and ship it in one container to your place of destination door-to-door.