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Move Green Initiative

Guardian Cargo Logistics Is Going Green

Our planet isn’t getting any younger, and Guardian Cargo Logistics wants to help keep it as clean as safe as possible. The team at Guardian ships all over the world, and we come in contact with the different people, places, and eco systems of this planet on a daily basis. Guardian Cargo Logistics wants to help preserve the beauty that is this earth, which is why we have decided to go green. For the time being, this planet is the only home we have; and we want to play our part in preserving it for our future generations. This is why the Guardian team has taken the necessary steps to develop green methods and environmental awareness among our employees. Move green with Guardian Cargo Logistics.

What Guardian Has Done to Make A Difference:

  • We use an electronic system instead of paper; over 90% of our work is done paperless.
  • Our trucks are CERTIFIED CLEAN IDLE environment friendly trucks that produce no harmful emissions.
  • We only used environment friendly boxes and recycled packing materials
  • Our employees are instructed on ways to care for the environment and to go green
  • Guardian donates $5 to American Forests and plants 5 trees for every move we do!



It doesn’t matter where you live; the environment that surrounds us is delicate and in need of our help and care. There are certain environmental factors that require everyone’s attention. Guardian Cargo Logistics understands these concerns, which is why we are one of the few international shipping companies that implement the use of state of the art modern technology to help create environmental awareness. Join us in our cause and go green!

Here are some tips you can use to help the environment and go green:

  • Buy recycled paper if you can; and try to print on both sides to conserve.
  • Remember to recycle your old electronics, don’t just throw them in the trash; dispose of these items properly. For more information on electronic recycling follow this
  • Recycle your ink and toner cartridges
  • Check recycling options for every new item you buy.
  • Use rewritable CDs for computer projects .