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Moving to Brazil

Brazil Shipping Services

If you are shipping to Brazil, Guardian Moving can offer you quality service and competitive rates.
Guardian Moving is a well known name in the international moving industry and is able to utilize its experience and connections to provide its customers moving to Brazil quality door to door or door to port service.
Each member of the Guardian Moving crew, dispatch employees, sales representatives and movers, undergo extensive training in order to make sure every aspect of international shipping is understood.
Our knowledgeable staff will accompany you from the earliest stages of your move to Brazil until the very last stages of the relocation.

Guardian Moving specializes in both large and small scale shipments going to Brazil. Because of our extensive knowledge of the industry and our world-wide connections, we are able to offer attractive rates while maintaining the highest of standards and using the finest destination delivery agents.

Guardian Moving offers its customers both full and partial packing services.

Custom built crates and packing for antiques, pianos and other delicate items is also available.
Guardian Moving is proudly using only its own local trucks and facilities to perform pick up services for any size of a shipment going from the United States to Brazil.

Brazil Customs regulations Info for your convenient as a PDF Download