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Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving

Near or far, make GUARDIAN CARGO LOGISTICS your FIRST choice for all your relocation needs. Nobody is more vigilant in preserving the integrity of your shipment. Guardian Cargo Logistics will be YOUR champion and safeguard your LONG DISTANCE shipment, getting it where it needs to be on time, every time!

For your long distance relocation needs we provide a variety of services and options to meet and exceed every expectation and budget!

First: everything starts with YOU! Your move is about YOUR stuff, and YOUR needs. A professional Guardian Representative will work with you to make sure all the details of your move are accounted for: What are you moving? Where are you moving to? When do you need to move by and when do you need to have your goods arrive? From these details we will create a moving plan that fits your needs!

Our options for long distance moves are the best in the industry! From standard long distance moves to exclusive EXPRESS delivery, Guardian does it all.

We offer Guaranteed Delivery dates- Fast shipment from coast to coast in an Exclusive Truck Service: as opposed to a consolidated or shared space we will provide you with the truck and the help to make your move a quick, non-stop, and painless transition!

We have trucks going across the country EVERY WEEK! So even if an exclusive rate is out of your budget we can still accommodate your move in a timely fashion!

Contact your Guardian today and see how we are THE VICTORS in the moving industry!