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Sell it, move it, or donate it? Face these issues after our car shipping to Hawaii representative explains the rules, charges, and other requirements about moving cars to Hawaii.

Below are the things you need to consider when you move your car to Hawaii:

  • Your car should pass the Hawaii emission test.
  • The testing emission cost differs for each port of destination.
  • Each port of destination has different safety standards and emissions tests requirements.
  • Know the cost of your car insurance.
  • Know the shipping cost of your type of car.
  • Know if the brand, make, and type of your car will suit your lifestyle at your destination. There might be cars like 4-wheel SUV that may be a necessity in Alberta but not in Ontario because there is not much snow in the area.
  • Donating your car could be an alternative for tax deduction.

We have the expertise, equipment, and truck to make your car shipping to Hawaii move as smooth and convenient as possible. International car shipping companies may offer you to move your car together with your personal effects and household goods as part of your international move. We do not offer this alternative car shipping solution. Our car shipping to Hawaii Company knows that this is not practical and expensive for you. International car shipping companies usually bill you by time, distance, and weight. The weight of your car will cost you more than the volumetric computations. Our car shipping to Hawaii can reduce your shipping cost by using open truck movers or rail car. We offer you the most applicable and less costly car moving solutions to Hawaii.

The cost of moving your vehicle depends on the make, weight, distance, and insurance, operating condition, and hauling services. However, terminal to terminal is less costly than door-to-door. Our car shipping to Hawaii representative will tell you about terminal locations nearest to your target destination, residence, or office. You may opt to use your own car insurance company instead of the shipping company’s car insurance agent if that can save you money for the insurance expense. International car shipping companies -  car shipping to Hawaii may check with your car agent’s insurance first to have a comparison of the cost and extent of the coverage. You may insure your car to its full value with a cargo and liability insurance coverage. Please do not fail to ask for the certificate to ensure insurance coverage while in transit.